Hope is Not A Marketing Strategy

“If you build it, they will come.” We’ve all heard this quote a million times, and in some cases, it’s actually a factually true statement. However, in marketing, this quote is the furthest thing from the truth. You can build the greatest gadget ever, but nobody’s going to come unless you put in work when it comes to marketing. In other words, you can’t build your foundation on hope - without a plan behind the marketing, your great creation will never reach the audience it deserves.

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The Best Marketing Agencies Put Strategy First

You wouldn’t start cooking an elaborate dinner without a recipe or menu plan. So why would you want to start your marketing without implementing a marketing strategy?  Stick to a strategy, have a plan, operate with goals in place - then execute on tactics. This is the only way to brand your business with hopes of future growth. It will allow your marketing tactics to fall in place, just like the ingredients in an ambitious four-course dinner. 

If you are struggling with your strategy we have some tools to help create the optimal action plan. Let’s get started.

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The Best SEO Tactics to Grow Your Business


To a certain extent, everyone wants to stand out in a crowd. Standing out and getting a little extra attention every now and then is not always a bad thing, especially in the business world! When it comes to your website and gaining new customers, you want your site to stand out and be seen. That’s how you garner leads and grow your business. Simply having a website is not enough these days, you need to pair your website with an effective and strong SEO strategy. An SEO optimized site will bring you to the top of searches, your traffic numbers will increase, and you will get in front of business leads.

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Content Marketing Is a Powerful Tool for Dentists

My Father was a Dental Technician his entire professional life.  He finally closed his Lab several months ago, ending 56 years of sculpting crowns, bridges, partials, dentures… whatever his dental clients requested, Dad could produce.  While I never saw myself going down that career path, I was endlessly fascinated by the process.  Part science, part art, it always seemed magical how he could create teeth that were indistinguishable from a patient’s real teeth.

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3 Ways a PPC Agency Will Help You Crush your Competition


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your business or organization. It allows you to target an audience and match your landing pages and ads to your specific companies needs and drive leads to your landing page.

Using a PPC Advertising Agency will drive clients with high intent and interest in what you’re offering to your page.

There are three major ways a PPC agency can help to grow your leads and increase your site traffic. The agency will work with you to put your business front and center, coming out ahead of the competition.

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