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Krash Creative Adds Character Voices to Prologue Games’ Knee Deep

Krash Creative Adds Sound to Prologue Games Knee Deep

The Krash Creative team of Chadd Pierce (left), Trent Rentsch and Mike Franke display the Knee Deep 3-D diorama they received from Prologue Games for the work the agency did in adding voices to the video game.
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(Nov. 12, 2015, Raleigh, N.C.)–When gamers voiced concern about no character voices in a popular new video game, the developer turned to Krash Creative to add them.

Durham, N.C.-based Prologue Games released the first act of its episodic “swamp noir” adventure Knee Deep in June with no voices for its characters. Focusing on storytelling and the melodrama of swampland Florida, the video game received positive reviews, but fans weren’t satisfied with its silence.

Krash Creative, a Raleigh-based full service inbound marketing agency specializing in multimedia, print and digital/social, was hired by Prologue Games to cast, direct and record voice talent for 50 characters in Act 1 & 2 of Knee Deep. Act 2 was launched on Nov. 3.

In a Nov. 3 Prologue Games blog post, Tracy Allen wrote, “In addition to the continuing story line, we’re incredibly proud to roll out full voice acting for both Acts 1 and 2. We think this enhances the experience and gets us closer to our vision of theatrical adventure.”

Trent Rentsch, creative director for Krash Creative, said the agency auditioned a few hundred voice actors from across the country. “There were hundreds of lines of dialogue for just one scene depending on how the player played the game,” he said.

“We directed the voice actors over the internet using a program that allowed us to record studio quality audio and talk back to them as they read their lines,” explained Rentsch, who voiced the video game’s character Gary Buckingham, a Cypress Knee politician.

“While our agency has specialized in voice work since our inception 20 years ago, this was our first foray into doing voice work for a video game and I hope it’s not our last,” he said. “It was a blast.”

Even Krash Creative President Kelley “Krash” Bassett got to be the voice of characters in the video game. In Knee Deep Act 2, he’s one of the Festival goers. In Act 3, scheduled to launch in early 2016, he will be the voice of radio disc jockey Billy Ray Gronberg.

To view and listen to the Act 2 trailer, go to


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