Our Executive Team

Kelley (Krash) Bassett
Kelley (Krash) BassettPresident
It’s all Kelley’s fault. 21 years ago it was his idea to start Krash Creative in San Francisco and look what happened. A successful entrepreneur, husband, father and President of Krash. He can also shoot his age on the golf course… at least on the front 9.
Theresa Bassett
Theresa BassettChief Executive Officer
Our Chief Executive Officer with over 25 years of experience in inbound marketing, advertising, and sales development. She is a born leader and a renowned expert in “taking the next natural step.” An author, a speaker, an incredible mom, and loving wife. Spend five minutes with Theresa and you will never forget her.

Decades of Marketing & Advertising Experience

Our clients call them trustworthy, smart, creative, and insightful. We refer to them as family. Not the crazy step uncle part of the family either. Our team is the family you can count on when it all hits the fan. Long hours, late nights, deadlines looming.. These guys (and ladies) have your back 24/7.