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Targeted Keyword Research

1. Targeted Keyword Research

Paid Search Advertising starts here: Targeted Keyword Research. Our Digital Marketing Team is certified in finding keyword gold. These are the keywords that will deliver the highest possible conversion rates at the lowest possible cost. And remember we want immediate results – so wimpy high cost low value keywords won’t cut it.  Prospective customers are actively shopping for your product or service RIGHT NOW and they are doing it online.

Question We’ll Answer Through Keyword Research :

  • What keywords and phrases are your customers using when they search for products and services like yours?
  • What is the intent of these customers in their search?  Are they ready to purchase now?
  • What keywords your competitors are using against you?

2. Perfectly Crafted Ad Copy

Your words matter. And no more so than in search engine advertising where every word (and even letter) counts. Your headline has 30 letters allowed, and we’ll make them all count. Our Perfectly Crafted Ad Copy is based on sound marketing strategy and principles. Every word perfectly structured to attract attention from your (soon to be) new customer.

Quality Ad Copy Lowers Click Through Rates:

  • Perfect ad copy boosts your Adwords quality score – And a higher quality Adwords score will lower your cost per click.
  • Higher Quality Ads = Lower Cost Per Click = Increased ROI = Massive Happiness from The Boss.
Perfect Advertising Copy
Negative Keywords Management

3. Negative Keyword Management

Generating immediate results in paid search advertising requires paying just as much attention to those who click on your ads as those who do not. That’s why we’ve implemented a strong Negative Keyword Management protocol to protect your campaign (and your wallet) from unwanted clicks.

Benefits of Negative Keyword Management:

  • Prevents your ad from showing to people searching for or visiting websites about things you don’t offer.
  • Ensures your ads are only shown to those with an interest in you
  • Reduces costs by removing unwanted clicks

4. Quality Landing Pages

Building High Quality Landing Pages is essential to delivering immediate PPC results.  Savvy marketers know that getting someone to click your PPC ad and come to your landing page is only the beginning of the customer acquisition process.

We create high quality landing pages that engage, and most importantly CONVERT visitors into qualified leads.

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Perfect Advertising Copy

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