Project Description

How do you communicate attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, attention to the finest details and incredible commitment to the customer in a 30 second television ad?  These were the questions facing Standard Pacific Homes as they developed the script and ideas around this advertising campaign.

Showing off details, and craftsmanship in home building is not easy.  It’s not simply a matter of whipping out your HD camera and getting some shots.  Lighting the scene is critical in showing off the house at it’s finest.  And it’s not just any lighting, but the right lighting for that scene at that time of day.  With all of the windows in the house, lighting was quite a challenge on this project and we used several HMI lights to properly color balance between outdoor and indoor lighting.

Once the house is lit properly, the next issue is camera movement.  How is the camera going to move through the scene?  Sure you could mount your camera to a tripod and do basic tilts, and pans but those moves don’t showcase the quality craftsmanship of the builder.

In this case we used several different pieces of equipment to execute the shots.  Of particular use was the dolly.  The dolly allowed us to “float” through the rooms.  In the video, you’ll see this shot used to great effectiveness on the sun room scene.  The in and out sliding movement gives the sun room the appearance of being massive.  Also again, notice how the light pours in through the windows.  Can you tell which light is natural, and which is our light package?

The results of this ad have been increased sales, and increased awareness of the Standard Pacific Homes brand in the Charlotte market.  These results were achieved because of the direct focus on quality in the production process, that mimicked the focus on quality in the building process.

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