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Theresa L. Bassett Appointed CEO of Krash Creative

Theresa L. Bassett, CEO of Krash Creative, A Full Service Inbound Marketing Agency in Raleigh, NC

Theresa L. Bassett, CEO of Krash Creative, A Full Service Inbound Marketing Agency in Raleigh, NC

For Immediate Release

(May 12, 2016, Raleigh, N.C.)—

Krash Creative, the Agency with a Heart, celebrates an exceptional period of growth by appointing Theresa L. Bassett as their CEO.

Theresa Bassett started with the Krash Creative team in 2014, beginning in Partnership Development before being promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing in 2015. During that time she brought on multiple Fortune 500 companies and played a critical part in more than tripling Krash Creative revenue.

A renowned expert in “taking the next natural step,” Theresa came to the Krash team with over 20 years of prior sales and sales management experience. Assisting in over $200M in revenue creation for companies such as Pulte Homes, she delights in creating customized solutions for clients and assisting teams in delivering on their promises.

Not only a sales and marketing expert, Theresa is a speaker, author and entrepreneur who enjoys helping companies and organizations grow and project their unique brands. “Her combination of experience and perspective will inspire you to take your business to the next level, just as it has ours” said Kelley Bassett, President of Krash Creative. “Being a part of this team, developing our inbound agency capabilities as a truly collaborative team, is an honor and a privilege,” Theresa said. “The future is bright for Krash Creative and I am thrilled to be an integral part of it all!”

Theresa possesses many of the qualities viewed as critical for 21st century businesses, focusing on collaboration and teamwork, building relationships and displaying high integrity. In the marketing and communications business, your message has to resonate with a diverse market and with some 80% of purchase decisions being made by females, there is no better person to lead Krash Creative than Theresa Bassett.


Krash Creative is a Full Service Inbound Marketing Agency that helps clients attract, retain and nurture qualified customers. Known as the agency with a heart, its team of professionals focus on relationships and exceeding expectations. With its roots in content production, President Kelley Bassett proudly reports the agency still serves its first three clients, among others. Located in Raleigh, N.C., Krash Creative is celebrating its 21st year.


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